• Student Enrollment

    Welcome to the Yakima School District! For those of you who have a child entering the school system for the first time, get ready! You will be amazed at the amount of learning that takes place!  We have a great combination of talented teachers and staff to help your students become learners for life!

    Direct Phone Line to Student and Family Services: 509-573-7021


  • Open Window Transfer Request Forms/Middle School Boundary Change Only

    Transfer Request Forms will be accepted at Student and Family Center (105 N. 4th Ave) the week of October 18-22, 2021 for students who have a boundary change or YSD sibling rule (OP 3131 2.6.3) only. At the end of the day, Oct 22, 2021 the Student and Family Center will no longer accept transfer requests for middle school students the remainder of the 2021-22 school year. Exceptions will be made based on special education offerings, district determined placement, balancing enrollment of disciplinary or safety concerns (OP 3131 2.6).

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  • 2021-2022 High School Transfers Closed

    HS Parent: Effective September 3, 2021 the YSD Admissions and Enrollment office will no longer be accepting high school transfer request forms with the exception of students wanting to move to online education. The transfer request window will reopen the end of first semester January 10-19th 2022 for special circumstances only.

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Enrollment Procedure

  • The District offers dedicated enrollment periods during which you may register your student for the upcoming school year. The dates for these enrollment periods will be posted on this website as they come up. The District also accepts new registrations throughout the regular school year. During either period, you may register new and returning students at their neighborhood school, or at the District Student and Family Center (105 N 4th Ave).

    YSD has 14 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 4 high schools (view school directory). The high schools offer open enrollment for resident students on a first-come, first-served basis. Elementary and middle school enrollment is determined by the home address of the student. Each elementary school and each middle school has a defined neighborhood boundary. Visit our School Neighborhood Boundaries page to view a map of our school locations and boundaries.

    Non-Resident High School Applications

    If your family does not live within the Yakima School District boundaries, you may apply for consideration for enrollment. Please contact the Student and Family Center if you are out-of-district (please do not contact the high schools).

Enrollment Requirements

Common Requests

  • Annual Request for Release from YSD

    This form is for students that live within the Yakima School District but are registered in a neighboring school district and attend a school in traditional school setting (This form is not for online programs). This form must be renewed for approval and continuation every school year. A signature from director of the Student & Family Center is required for this form. We are located at 105 N. 4th Ave Yakima, WA 98902.

    English Form (O.P. 3131.2XE)

    Spanish Form (O.P. 3131.2XS)

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  • Choice Transfer Requests

    A choice transfer request is required if your family lives within the Yakima School District boundaries and you would like to have your child attend a non-YSD school. You can submit a choice transfer request through the OSPI website here:


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  • School Transfer Request

    K-12 request for school transfers. Please print and fill out and return to Student & Family Center (105 N 4th Ave Yakima, WA 98902). Starting July 7th on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12-4 p.m. they can be dropped off or faxed to (509) 573-7183 or mailed to the above address. Filling out a transfer request form does not guarantee approval. You will be notified the third week in August.

    Transfer request form - English

    Transfer request form - Spanish

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