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  • We Don't Drop Students, We Go Find Students!

    Posted by Ashley LaRiviere on 9/17/2021
    In the past few weeks, schools have activated their Tier 3 teams and support staff to head out into the community to connect with families and students who have not engaged in school yet. These visits often lead to a plan to remove significant barriers to school attendance for families. Last week, Davis leaders pulled their automated attendance reports, added the students with the most absences into a google map, and spent the day driving house-to-house recovering students.
    davis attendance
    Keeping our YSD students on the roster and not dropping them takes a team effort and a change in past practices. This collective effort from YSD school support staff and central services has districts across the state watching Yakima as it bucks the old practice of 20-day drops. On Wednesday, YSD leads will proudly share the "We Don't Drop Students, We Go Find Students!" message and data-informed processes with OSPI and state-wide attendance leaders. 
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  • Rainbow Lab with WAMS 7th grade!

    Posted by Katherine Miller on 9/16/2021

    The 7th grade demonstrated lab safety through the Rainbow Lab! 

    Students also practiced using science equipment such as graduated cylinders and pipettes. The end result was three primary colors used to create three secondary colors-orange, green, and purple! Students showed great collaboration skills and growth mindset! 

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  • Fred Meyer's Supports Garfield

    Posted by Steve Brownlow, Principal on 9/6/2021

    For five years straight, Garfield Elementary has been the beneficiary of generous support from our Fred Meyer's store in Yakima.  They recently donated and helped serve food during our open house event.  As a result, the 40th Ave. Fred Meyer's receved regional accolades for their support.  Here is the write up on that:  




    Yakima’s Back to School BBQ

    Recently, our Yakima, WA store provided an awesome uplift for the Garfield Elementary students in their community. The 486 team has been a big supporter of the school for years, donating school supplies, holding discount back to school nights, and helping with other activities that they have throughout the year. Last year, Yakima was unable to participate due to COVID, but they were thrilled to be able to gear families up for the school year by hosting a back to school BBQ for the kids and their parents. The team supplied hot dogs, buns, chips, and drinks, and enjoyed grilling and serving all the kids.  Our associates are honored to partner with Garfield Elementary. They have a tight-knit community and know all the parents and kids well because Fred Meyer is their one-stop place to shop.

    Garfield Elementary appreciates all of the community support afforded to the students and families.  Thank you, Fred Meyer!  


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  • 7th graders use GimKit to review lab safety

    Posted by Katherine Miller on 9/3/2021

    Earning money and buying insurance or sabatoges, the 7th grade science students at Washington Middle School reviewed for their lab safety quiz in a new, engaging way! Students loved using Gimkit.com (like Kahoot) because each question they answered gave them money. 

    When they had earned enough money, they could shop for things like: multiplers, insurance, ice someone, freeze a screen, and more! Some students played Zombies versus Humans, which put half the class against the other half all while answering questions about lab safety, rules, and what to do in an emergency. 

    Science safety test

    The teacher projects this screen with the leaderboard

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  • Welcome, Kindergarten All Stars!

    Posted by Maria Lucero on 8/12/2021

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary staff welcomes our incoming kindergarten All Stars! During Kindergarten Family Night, kindergarten students and their families had the opportunity to meet their teachers and learn about our school. 

    st 1

    st 2

    st 3

    st 4

    st 5

    st 6






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